Photography in General

  • 5 Cons of Social Photography-Sharing Networks

    Not everything is good about social photography-sharing networks. In here I discuss about the main 5 Cons of uploading your work to such sites.

  • 5 Pros of Social Photography-Sharing Networks

    Discussion about the main 5 Pros of uploading your work to social photography-sharing networks. Exposure, Feedback, Visitors, Easiness and Fun are the main topics addressed.

  • What Photography is/means to you?

    Let us expand the meaning of photography. "What photography is/means to you?" tries to share the meaning of the world and craft of photography through the words of photographers.

  • Fine art photography or Digital art. Are the borders clear?

    I think many photographers (probably mainly hobbyists but for sure also some professionals), at some point in time have questioned themselves about what are they creating after all: “Is this fine art photography or is this digital art?” With the popularization of digital cameras, and especially with the affordability...

  • Are Digital Cameras destroying photography?

    The booming of digital cameras has arrived for some years now. We are seeing better, more compact, feature-rich cameras reach the market every day, but is the knowledge of photography really improving? This might sound like hypocritical reasoning since I’m a convert to digital photography myself. But… The first...