Analyzing the Produce

An employee of the supermarket sitting in front of the vegetables section. He was just staring at it like that. Either he was just resting his legs or there was something really interesting going on with the oranges. Shot with a Canonet QL17 GIII loaded with Ilford HP5 400 rated at 1600. Developed in Ilford DD-X.

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  1. Chris Oaten
    02 Jun 10 - 12:06 am - #

    It’s an intriguing photo. But I would like to have seen less ceiling space, more of the person, and perhaps a different angle so the perspective lines of the shelving drew attention to his listless gaze. Hard, I know, when you’re shooting from the hip. I AM asking too much. Film handling looks fine. Coarse grain is appealing (but I’m a fan of grain). :)

  2. 02 Jun 10 - 8:42 am - #

    Hi Chris,
    Thanks for a very insightful and constructive comment. Unfortunately there aren’t many of those around.
    As you mentioned, it would improve greatly the photo if I had managed to use the straight lines of the shelf to direct the eyes to his face, but I couldn’t position myself any better without risking intruding on his “moment”. In any case, I don’t agree when you say that you are asking for too much – you simply mentioned a different composition that would make the image much more stronger and appealing… The strive for photographic improvement.
    I’m also a huge fan of grain, and it is one of the main reasons I’m dedicating a bit more time to film.
    Thanks again for dropping by.

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