Let the Cold Bother Me Not - Sandy Irvine Robertson statue, Edinburgh

Life-size bronze statue of Sandy Irvine Robertson, sitting at The Shore, in Edinburgh, by Lucy Poett. Sandy Irvine Robertson was a known wine merchant, founder of the Scottish Business Achievement Awards. Died on June 20, 1999, aged 56. The Malmaison Hotel, previously Seaman's Mission, a hostel for sailors, before suffering a deep renovation, can be seen on the background. Fuji Neopan 1600 pushed to 3200, exposed on a Konica Auto S3 rangefinder. Developed with Ilfotec DD-X.

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  1. 11 Jan 11 - 8:32 am - #

    Brilliant title for a moving photograph, impressively composed and well captured, thanks for sharing

  2. 11 Jan 11 - 9:29 pm - #

    Thanks Conrad. Glad you enjoyed it.

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