It seems I’m a Reuters photographer




At the end of a fairly typical day, I get a phone call from a photographer friend. In an almost shocked tone, he starts by asking me since when do I have images in the Reuters photo bank and, more importantly, why had I not mentioned anything to him. After joking around for a bit and making him believe that  I’m actually a Reuters photographer for years, I decided to come clean and say that I’m really not working for Reuters nor do they have any images on mine in their collection – basically he did not believe me. After a couple more minutes in which I’ve actually managed to convince him that I have nothing to do with Reuters, he followed with a sombre “Then you better take a look at this” and sent me a link to the page which contains the image above.

And there it was – my image, illustrating an article on the site of one of the most reputable newspapers in Portugal. Unlicensed. And look, they even gave me attribution, which is nice… /Reuters?!?

So, somebody takes the time and effort to find the author of the image, “forgets” to even think about license,  and then credits the completely wrong agency?

Had to be the funny highlight of my day.

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