PhotoNetCast #3


For all of my readers who still have not subscribed to the PhotoNetCast feeds, just to let you know that episode #3 was published about one week ago (ok, I forgot to mention this here, can you believe it?).

We started discussing the benefits of blogging about photography, continued to photo organization, and ended with a few sites that caught our attention.

On the second topic, due to time restrictions, we had to break it just before we got into "photo backups". We will dedicate a good part of the next episode covering this. In any case, we would like to hear from you: what backup system do you use, good and bad things about it, any questions you might have regarding backups (or any other subject).

Head on to PhotoNetCast.com, if you still haven’t listen to the show, and tell us something. We will be recording the next one in just a few days time so, if you want to have your comment or voice message on this topic featured, you’ll have to hurry.

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