PhotoNetCast #9 is out – Inspiration



And episode #9 of PhotoNetCast is out. In this episode, me together with Jim Goldstein and Brian Auer discuss inspiration.

Turned out to be a good conversation with lots of tips on how to come out of creativity slumps in the mix.

We’d also like for you to tell us where do you find inspiration and renew your creative mind. So, head over there and share your ideas with us.

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  1. SEO Consultant

    September 2, 2008 at 10:55 pm

    focuses on photography books that inspire either creatively or technically. No matter what your skill level this discussion should prove to be informative and put you on the path to some great reading and photography viewing.Two books that really spoke to me were Galen Rowell’s Vision, and William Albert Allard’s Portraits of America.


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