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Pick of the Week: Photo Edition – Nov 5th, 2007


And this is it. I’ve made the jump and decided to start investing some of my time into photography sharing networks.

There are a few around, besides the obvious Flickr and Zooomr, that deserve some attention and I’ll be reviewing my experiences in them with time.

For now, this is Pick of the Week: Photo Edition showcasing some of the best photos I’ve encountered for this week.



Empire State Building by PexiI went down , holding your hand , at least one million stairs by Mlle MathildeNeighborhood #3 (Power Out) by Martin...HAnciana en la ciudadela de Ankara by samolo_99The Idlers by AdamNFglass tray by tae-koGrünarine by ScoobayThe new neighbourhood- explore # 142 by eyesplash MikulIMG_4072a by rudesnapershadows by VasilikosBonfire 2007 06 by hitkaiserGoat's Beard: Worm's eye view by peggyhrSonhos de infância by MariahAutumn in Paris by Daniel Camacho


Five Stars of the Week

a família ranidae by Pedro Castilho

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  1. Dan Anton

    November 7, 2007 at 10:14 am

    Funny how amazingly beautiful and “unreal” photos can be..I like the new neighborhood one in particular. The buildings look like art rather than some that are by my house (just buildings) ;)

  2. A Marques

    November 8, 2007 at 12:20 am

    Hi Dan,

    It is as you put it: funny and amazing. That is why photography is one of the greatest art forms.

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