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Remus answers to “What photography is/means to you” | photography by Antonio Marques

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Photography in General

Remus answers to “What photography is/means to you”


Continuing the series “What photography is/means to you”, this time I have Remus under the spotlight.

Remus started his photoblog in 2004 and since that has been publishing some of his best work online in “Pontos de Vistas“. From his words at his site, “Pontos de Vistas” was born by merging his passion for photography and informatics. He states that at the time he knew little about photography and even today he doesn’t know much, but if you visit (which I hope you do), you’ll notice that from his “old” work up to know improvement is more than visible.

Without further delay, I’ll let Remus’ words explain more…



what photography is/means to you?

Invicta by Remus

It’s very hard to answer this question and it is my belief that there is no one who can answer it 100%. Photography, as any other art form, is subjective e depends on the eyes and tastes of each of us. Any attempt to describe what photography is to us will always be incomplete, but I’ll try anyway.

In a totally imperfect world, photography is the way with which I try to see and transmit the perfection of imperfection itself. It is my way of escaping and I use it to forget my bad moments, even if only for some brief minutes. It is a sort of therapy and and a way to relax physically and psychologically. If some attain tranquility and relaxation in spas, walking, yoga or similar, I do in photography.

Although I’m completely amateur and without ambition of becoming a photography professional, I truly believe that photography should be intensely lived in a wise way. What was before only accessible to a small elite, with the digital photography era, anyone can access photographic art, giving birth to new talents for whom the Internet is their world gallery. I partially include myself in that group, and partially because if I’m talented or not, only time will tell.

I think that to make good photography, what is mainly needed is sensibility and be critical in a way that the shutter is opened at the right moment. The rest is inevitably and totally secondary.

Remus is a Portuguese amateur photographer. Without ambitions to become a professional in the near future, his aim is to learn and improve and let his work speak for how talented he his. He publishes his work at his photoblog “Pontos de Vistas”

Want to comment or ask something to Remus? Go ahead and use the comments form bellow. I’ll make sure he’ll get any questions addressed. Willing to participate? Check the original post.

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  1. A Marques

    June 8, 2007 at 12:07 am

    As a comment I’d like to leave a small side note. When Remus answered, he asked me why him, why had I contacted him to participate in the series if there are many photographers better than him available to contact.
    Well Remus, here is your answer: because I like your work. I think that keeping a photoblog for years as you have done and with increasing quality requires a huge level of dedication.
    And requires that you know exactly the answer to the question I ask. You can’t keep just posting like you have if photography means little or has an undefined meaning to you.
    So, this was my way of saying I appreciate your work and hope to see it ever increasing in numbers and quality.
    And of course, it’s a way of sharing some quality work with my readers.

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  4. Square Mythri

    June 8, 2007 at 7:51 am

    This is the very interesting article. In this sites tells what is photography.I understand that Photography is as art form, It subjective depends on the eyes and tastes of each of us. Photography is the way with which I try to see and transmit the perfection of imperfection itself.This is good for how can we Learn Photography

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