The 50 thousand milestone… in a bad way


Today this blog has hit another milestone but unfortunately nothing that makes me cheerful: the 50,000 mark of spam caught by Askimet.

I know that spammers see in blogs one of their main targets to achieve whatever it is they want to achieve, but is comment spamming the right way? Well, it seems that it is working or I would not see such waves of spam coming my way.

Fortunately Askimet catches most of it (with some still evading it and needing to be manually moderated).

What worries me the most is how many valid comments from my readers may have been caught also and forever banished to the internet waste dump. Yes, I could manually go through each and every one of them, but going through 100 to 200 daily comments trying to convince me that I need to see that latest porno or that a specific pill is exactly what I need to enlarge some parts of my body is not something that I look forward to.

If you have a blog, how bad is it for you? Are you getting this amount of daily garbage or was I singled out for comment torture?

How do you deal with comment spam on your blog?

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