“The Invention of Solitude”, Paul Auster – Book Review


The invention of solitude - P Auster

Where to begin on this one…

For all of you who have had the pleasure of reading Paul Auster, you know what I’m talking about.

His experimental writing style is confusingly beautiful. And again, he manages to establish himself as one of the most adventurous writers in contemporary fiction.

This is one of his early books of memoirs, divided in two distinct but mesmerizing parts. On the first part, “Portrait of an Invisible Man”, the reality of death plunges the author in the discovery of his fathers’ life and the connections with his family history. He takes us through multi-layers of thought, in which the metaphorical use of life episodes manages to dive us into a rather unfamiliar family.

“The Book of Memory”, the second part of “The invention of solitude”, relays more on language than action to color its canvas. Coincidence and solitude are ever present, and be mistaken if you think the power of language is not enough to tell a story. As in other books, Auster makes use of autobiographical elements to increase the verisimilitude of his words… After all, is a book of memories.

If you want master use of language and are not afraid of obscure writing, then you should read this one… I’ve rated it a 8/10.
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UK – The Invention of Solitude

Germany – The Invention of Solitude

USA – The Invention of Solitude

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