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Web Shutter: 02.06.2007



  • Remember the post “Story behind the image” from some time back to spread the word on Jim’s project? A week ago he published the links to the 21 photos and stories submitted. It gives for some interesting reading with very beautiful photos. It’s curious to see what makes a photographer want to freeze a moment.

  • Thinking about upgrading your camera? Sushee at Photography Tip published an article going through some questions you should ask yourself before making that decision.

  • As you might have seen in the post “Are Digital Cameras destroying photography?” I’m an vigorous adept of learning how a camera works and planning a photo before taking the shot. Wingerz has a nice review of the major things you should know about your camera settings and how they influence the outcome of the photo. Although is a somewhat simplistic approach, if you know this things you are on the right track to learn much more.

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