Dying on the Pier - East Breakwater Granton Harbour

Small hut on the Granton Harbour, Edinburgh, Scotland. This is one of two such structures on the long East breakwater (over 3000 ft - 1000 meters). The Middle Pier (1700ft long) can be seen on the background. Granton Harbour dates from the 1830's with the East breakwater being finished in 1863. Granton Harbour was once home for a large fishing fleet and the destination for ferries across the Firth of Forth. Now it is mainly used by yachts from the Royal Forth Yacht Club. Due to its length, going deep into the Firth of Forth, the East Breakwater is also a popular location for amateur fishermen.

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  1. 11 Nov 10 - 2:30 pm - #

    I love the drama in this shot. The texture on the building is great and the sky is wonderful. Have you been playing with HDR?

  2. 11 Nov 10 - 6:50 pm - #

    Thanks Dave. Yeah, this was one of those times that a single shot would just not capture it as I wanted. Handheld 3-shot HDR on this one. Glad you liked it. Coming from an HDR expert as yourself, it means a lot.

  3. 21 Nov 10 - 7:48 pm - #

    Only just discovered the podcast and thought I’d check out your site!
    Stunning shot! I have been to Edinburgh a few times myself and there is so much subject matter to shoot there. Great job!

  4. 21 Nov 10 - 9:35 pm - #

    Hi Marc,
    Thanks for your comment. Edinburgh is in fact a really nice city to photograph.
    Hope you enjoy the podcast, and don’t forget to drop by once in a while.

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