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Pick of the Week: Link Edition – Mar 15, 2009


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Wow… It has been long since I last published a Pick of the Week full of juicy links.

I won’t go too much backwards and link to every post I found interesting. That would be too much. But here are a few that are worth of your time.

Marketing Through Infringed Photos with Watermarks (JMG Galleries) – Jim has written a very interesting article on how watermarks (as ugly as they are) can still serve a purpose: marketing.

Capturing Urban Decay (Photocritic) – Not everything is ugly in urban decay. With the right point of view and a certain degree of creativity, powerful images can be made. Here are a few tips that might help you with this.

Keyword strategies (Graf Nature Photography) – You hate keywording your images as much as I do? Besides the time investment (note that I’m not saying it is a bad investment) it’s always a fight to find the correct keywords. But it may mean the difference between selling your image or letting it rot in the middle of millions others.

Vignetting – When and Why to Vignette (Beyond Megapixels) – Vignetting is a powerful “effect” that can be used to direct the viewer’s eyes directly to your subject in a photo. But when should it be used and when too much vignetting is just too much?

Build a Film Developing Kit for Under $50 (Epic Edits) – Want to try out a bit of film and actually get your hands wet developing it? It might not be as expensive as you think. Here is a developing kit on the cheap.

The Video Tour Of My Gear Bag (Digital Pro Talk) – I’ll have to admit that I usually fight with the distribution of my gear inside the camera bags when going on location. David has a very nice video describing his bag “arrangement” and how it works for him. But ok, I usually do not carry around as much gear as David does. On a related subject, David is touring the US with his Digital WakeUp Call Workshops. You won’t find so much value for such a little price elsewhere.

Enjoy your browsings…

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