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Pick of the Week: Photo Edition – Mar 16, 2009


Flickr is, as always, a great place to find some stunning work. Here are just a few of what I’ve been admiring this past days.

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The Swing, by E.J. Miller a tree of growing dreams, by Stijn Coppens Rojo, by Memo Vasquez B&W Sunflower, by Charlene Frank Enchantress, by soleá Schweizer Platz, by Andrej

Candy is a lifestyle.. ;), by Tûba Stachel, by Alexander West The Question, by Steve Noake I grew old, by Rodrigo Huerta  inside n out, cologne, by nani targettiLunar Crater, by orvaratli

My Left is her Right, by Christian Metzler My Garden-1, by Martina Morris winter's open air surGery, by Augusto Rosa Walter finds a spooky alien corridor..., by Don Solo  Homemade Sunshine, by limey1967Piece of wall, by Agniribe


Five Stars of the Week

Banzai beach, by Massimiliano Pugliese

Who says film is dead? Look at the beautiful grain coming out from this one. It’s an image that I could imagine having hanging on my wall. My Five Stars of the Week.


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