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Pick of the Week: Link Edition – Oct 25, 2008


Lot’s of good reads this week.

Keep a Photography Journal (Beyond Megapixels) – A very useful notion that photographers should have is that photography is not only shooting. Planning a shot and taking notes is very much part of the process. I try to always have on me a note-taking system that I can use to write ideas or point locations for some shooting. Jeff feels the same way.

Humidity, Fungus and Cameras – Problems & Solutions (Beyond Phototips) – Fungus can be really nasty, specially if they get inside your lenses. What to do to prevent this problem? Read this one.

Discover How to Become a Photojournalist (Digital Photography School) – Photojournalism is not for everyone and takes a lot of time and work until your name is recognized. This article shares a few tips on how to put your name out there. It’s somehow simplistic and doesn’t even go anywhere near what you need to do to become a photojournalist, but it’s a beginning.

6 heisse Tipps zum Kommentieren von Fotos (Kwerfeldein – in german) - It can be a blast when getting huge amounts of comments in social networks such as flickr, but usually the majority of the comments are limited to single sentence phrases that will not help you much grow as a photographer. Martin shares a few tips on how to make your comments count.

An Interview with Fine Art Photographer Elizabeth Cecil (Magic Places Fine Art) – The title says it all. If you’re into Fine Art and follow the work of Elizabeth Cecil, this one is a must read.

Copyright Education: Legal Seminar with PACA Counsel Nancy Wolff (Picture Archive Council of America) - Still on copyrights (a never-ending subject), here is a video seminar with Nancy Wolf. It’s lengthy but good to watch.

Photographers and the Economic Crisis (Photopreneur) - The economic crisis is shaping the photography business.

How To Photograph The Female Face (Shutterbugsource) – A good portrait requires preparation and knowledge on what to expect from a face. This article shares a few tips on portrait photography, specially of female faces.

10 Steps to Perfect Waterfall Shots (Yanik Photo School) – And the last one of this week goes to Waterfall photography. Waterfalls are stunning, but good photos of waterfalls (the stunning ones) require you to know how to take them. 10 tips inside.

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    November 5, 2008 at 3:55 am

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