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Pick of the Week: Photo Edition – Oct 26, 2008


Time to look at some photos. The best that I’ve come across in Flickr.

Don’t forget to go to the photo pages and leave your insightful comments. I’m sure the photographers will appreciate it.


Dead Vlei Shadow, by C-HAD Cap the Cavalleria, byWizzard1551c The Circle of Life, by jgfidel Woman in Scarf, by Alan Brockman mazzarò#2, by monte alessandro Waikiki Beachwalk | HDR, by Bolo-head Man

Akureyrar kirkja, by Gulli Hall The tree on the wall, by wilfried.b III, by Lu Leal Seattle Engulfed in a Glowing Blanket of Fog, by Cap'n Surly  selfportrait, by PoL ÚbedaLeaf Veins, by George L Smyth


Five Stars of the Week

untitled, by solzy

I always liked Gaudi style of architecture, and his typical smooth curves together with the high contrast lines and the choice of lighting that guides the eye pass the archway and into the stairway make this one a beautiful composition.




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