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SlideFlickr – Embedding your Flickr Photos on blog posts made easy



I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a big Flickr user. I’ve tried it just for some sample photos but never really got into it as a photography social network.

Nonetheless, I find it a powerful tool for photographers. The ability to share your work with thousands of users and (possibly) getting your name known as a photographer is a gift that I’m probably wasting.

And now it got even better with the ability to embed your photos on blog posts as easily as you embed a video from YouTube.

How to do this? Easy… There is a new tool out there at that allows you to do just this.

On their site you just have to insert your flicker username or URL to your photos and click Generate. Grab the code, paste it on your post and that’s it…

Want a little bit more customization? No problem, SlideFlickr allows you to customize which photos to include (tags, sets, favorites), sizes, background color of the applet, logo and you can even load your slideshow with some music.

Basically it makes use of the slideshow functionality that currently already exists on Flickr but with an extra kick. And getting the code this easily is enough to be worth a try.

Want to see it in action? These are the only photos I’ve uploaded…


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  3. Terrence Brittingham

    December 16, 2012 at 7:12 pm

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