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Pick of the Week: Link Edition – October 4, 2008


Time for another great selection of links from around the photography internets.

An Introduction to Stock Photography (Beyond Megapixels) – A very nice article introducing all about stock photography, from the different licenses to the submission process. It’s targeting more the microstock photographers, but I guess the same principles apply to stock photography in general.

Stock Photography, the Consumer, and the Future (Dan Heller’s Photography Business Blog) – And if you’re planning to try stock photography, this one is a must read. Dan goes in length into the status of stock photography and how the market is evolving.

38% of photographers are paranoiac! (ADIDAP) – This post shows the results of a poll asking "Are you paranoid about your work?". I was really surprised with the results as I was expecting, at least, the "Cautious" votes to be much higher.

Photo Backup: When Disaster Strikes (Epic Edits Weblog) – Brian writes another post on his backup series. In this article Brian goes into several disaster scenarios and how to protect yourself against data loss. Do I need to remind you how important it is to have a backup system for your photos?

Super Secure, Super Easy, Super Cheap On-Line Storage (Digital ProTalk) – Still on backups, David describes more in detail the Amazon S3 online storage system. Prices included.

Can I Sell That Photo?? (Hyperfocal) – Going to some events is always a good opportunity for some photos. But what about if you want to sell those images. Are you sure you can do it? Fact is, you probably can’t…

Orphan Works Panel Discussion (JMG-Galleries) – This is something that you’ve probably heard about and it sure concerns every photographer, the Orphan Works Act. Jim, in his EXIF and Beyond podcast, invites Chase Jarvis, Dan Heller and John Harrington to discuss the Orphan Works legislation. It’s lengthy but very informative.

Photoshop Video Tutorial – High Pass Sharpening (Yanik’s Photo School) – Yanik gives us another nice Photoshop tutorial. This time, a different way to sharpen your images beyond the more common USM.

Enjoy the reading…

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  1. Jenna

    October 13, 2008 at 8:21 pm

    Great links! I’m book marking this so I can re-visit later! : ] Thanks!

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