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Pick of the Week: Link Edition – Sep 19, 2008


And it’s time for another review of interesting things around the photography blogs around.

And interesting they are:


Arranging Elements in Your Photos – Lisa at Beyond Megapixels has a very nice article that covers the basics of composition.

How to Buy a Tripod – this one touches home. I’m looking forward to upgrade my old one. But a new camera might also be on the way and I can’t have it all.

Q&A – What happens inside your camera when you change the ISO? – Useful if you want to know more in detail how your camera works.

How to critique your own photographs – Learning how to critique your own photos is essential to improve. If a photographer is waiting for the feedback of other people only, his own critical sense will never develop.

How to Shoot Professional Images in Low Light – the title says it all. Another great article, as usual, from Barbara at Shutterbug Source Photography Tips.

You and the Failure of PhotoShelter – Photoshelter Collection is going down and Dean tries to spot a few of the mistakes done by the Photoshelter owners in leading a successful stock photography business. We’ve also discussed this at PhotoNetCast.

3M Carjacks the Post-It Note Jaguar – All About Content – When your ideas get stolen by a company that spends millions in advertising campaigns but refuses to pay $2k for a photo.

A Photo Editor – Stock Photo Agencies – and speaking of stock photography, here is a BIG list of agencies.

Portfolio Inspiration : 21 grandiose Fotografen – Martin from Kwerfeldein selects 21 great photoblogs. The article is in german but the language of photography is only one: light.

Projects, projects, projects…

80 Film Cameras for under $50 – The results of Brian’s latest project are out. And great…

Buying Prints from Your Favorite Photographers – Jim comes up with a new concept in photography projects… Take a look.

Pollution/Environment awareness Project – Take your camera out for ADIDAP. It’s time to photography some garbage… really.


On a final note, the Annual 2008 Podcast Awards are open for nominations. If you’re a regular listener of PhotoNetCast, do us a favor and nominate our show. More details at PhotoNetCast. Thanks.

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  1. Martin Gommel

    September 20, 2008 at 9:21 am

    Hey Toze – thanks for your support ! Greetings !

  2. Adrian

    October 3, 2008 at 1:59 pm

    INteresting read on what happens when you change the ISO setting, many digital photogrpahers could achieve most of what they want to achieve by changing ISO rather than messing around with many other settings.


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