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  • Podcast

    PhotoNetCast #4 is out

    Just a small note to mention that episode 4 of PhotoNetCast is now published. If you are subscribed to the feed either on your reader or on iTunes you probably got it already.

  • Around the Web

    Pick of the Week: Photo Edition – May 26, 2008

    If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Another set of inspirational photos from great photographers. Don’t forget to go to the photo pages and leave your comment.       Five Stars of the Week  

  • Podcast

    PhotoNetCast #3

    For all of my readers who still have not subscribed to the PhotoNetCast feeds, just to let you know that episode #3 was published about one week ago (ok, I forgot to mention this here, can you believe it?). We started discussing the benefits of blogging about photography, continued...

  • Photography Tips and Techniques

    5 Tips for Acquiring Old Cameras

    Recently I had the opportunity of acquiring an old camera. By old I don’t mean "it still uses film" old, I mean "really" old on the antique level. I’m not an expert in the industry of antiques acquisition but since I had this opportunity I started doing a little...

  • Podcast

    PhotoNetCast is here

    PhotoNetCast, a photography podcast, has just been released. We hope you enjoy the show...