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  • Photography in General

    28 ways to process/improve/hack/play a photo

    If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Brian finally posted the results of his “Edit My Photo” project. There were 28 submissions and, in my opinion, all of them were great exercises in technical editing. Although with more or less success,...

  • Photography in General

    Environment: a Photographer’s Contribution

    How to change one mind at a time, solve one problem and still have fun doing it. A photographer's point of view.

  • Photography Tips and Techniques

    SlideFlickr – Embedding your Flickr Photos on blog posts made easy

    SlideFlickr is a nice web application that quickly generates code to embed your Flickr photos on blog posts.

  • Photography Tips and Techniques

    Editing Brian’s Photo

    On the last September 18th, Brian at Epic Edits Weblog started a group project asking his readers to edit his photo. I though this was one of the most interesting projects that I’ve seen around the photography blogs for some time. The reason is simple: from a starting point,...

  • Photography Basics

    Understanding Lens Flare

    Sometimes, after taking a shot, particularly if there are strong light sources, you may notice some weird light spots on your photo. Most certainly, they were caused by lens flare. But what is lens flare anyway?